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Galway Advertiser writes about INVISIBLE

In advance of an INVISIBLE showing (one of five in Ireland this Spring), the Galway Advertiser looks at INVISIBLE and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Galway Advertiser

Rik Carlson is interviewed

Rik Carlson, INVISIBLE filmmaker and CFS sufferer, was interviewed by Susan Bilheimer, host of the Invisible Illness Podcast. The Invisible Illness Podcast has divided the interview into three podcasts and made it available here:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Bringing the Heat: An ME/CFS Blog Reviews INVISIBLE

What is ME/CFS in Vermont like?’ Invisible’ suggests that it’s much like it is in the rest of US. A struggle for health and a struggle to maintain ones sense of mental well-being in the face of a medicals community’s disregard and often disdain. Vermont does have something or rather someone who is different, though, and that is Rik Carlson – someone who’s felt compelled to document the CFS Community’s story there.

Read the full blog on Bringing the Heat: An ME/CFS Blog > >

Filmmakers interviewed: Part 1 | Part 2

Filmmakers Rik Carlson and Michael Thurston were interviewed on The Mark Johnson Show about INVISIBLE and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Mark Johnson Show has archived the November 12, 2010 show in two parts, available here:

Part 1: 29 minutes

Part 2: 31 minutes

An extensive review.

Craig Maupin at www.cfidsreport.com gives INVISIBLE its first review. See what Craig Maupin has to say about INVISIBLE by clicking here.

"An excellent educational tool for patient, family members, and friends."

Pro-Health said this before choosing to partner with INVISIBLE by offering it on their website. Pro-Health describes itself as a website where you'll find a range of tools for proactive health management at your fingertips: comprehensive nutritional support for any number of health concerns, updates on the latest medical news, chat rooms, message boards and support communities with thousands sharing information, advice and treatment experiences. Pro-Health began in 1981 as a result of one man's struggle with chronic illness. Visit Pro-Health's INVISIBLE page by clicking here.

"The first of its kind."

INVISIBLE, in an early draft form, made its debut at the 9th International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME Conference in Reno, Nevada during the Patient’s Session on March 12, 2009. It was widely reviewed as the first film of its kind to tell the Chronic Fatigue story from the patient’s point of view, and was lauded for its ability to lend credibility to those suffering Chronic Fatigue.

"They treat me differently, now."

A doctor in Vermont placed a draft copy of INVISIBLE in a lending library she maintains in her office. One patient borrowed the film, and upon bringing it back told the doctor: "I made my family sit down and watch INVISIBLE with me. They treat me differently, now."

"INVISIBLE tells the story the way it should be told."

P.A.N.D.O.R.A., headquartered in Florida, screened a draft version of INVISIBLE in Fort Lauderdale on International CFIDS awareness day, May 12, 2009. Again, the response was enthusiastic and uniform: INVISIBLE tells it the way it should be told.

What people are saying:

"We watched the film yesterday and Kathleen felt so understood."

Thank you for writing your book and making the film. We watched the film yesterday afternoon and Kathleen (43 years old) felt so understood. It validated her life since the mid 90s. Hers came on gradually and she worked full time until 2005 when she crashed and has been practically house bound since. There's no doctor we've been able to learn about who is willing to help CFIDS patients in Alabama or surrounding states. (Marilyn Terry | Alabama)

"You have succeeded in giving faces and voices to the invisible."

Congratulations on another great contribution to the lives of people with CFS. It is a significant addition to the growing media/literature collection on the lives of people with this syndrome. You have succeeded in giving faces and voices to the invisible, unheard, and dismissed people with ME/CFS/CFIDS in Vermont, and around the world. Our stories must be heard if we are to make a difference. (Margarette Christie | Melbourne, Australia)

"INVISIBLE is well organized, complete, germane, sensitive, and professional."

My congratulations are way over due! INVISIBLE is well organized, complete, germane, sensitive, and professional!! I hope someday I will actually be well enough to offer good, sensitive medical care to some of our own. (Terry Nauman, MD, CFIDS sufferer)

"The film is powerful, very powerful."

WOW!  The film is powerful, very powerful. It is beautifully photographed. The 'cast' does a terrific job...a very difficult topic in a well informed and wonderfully executed manner. (Ruth Friedman)

"The response was a lot of laughter and recognition - and then long applause."

I'm here in Reno at the International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with a whole bunch of people watching this great movie called "Invisible."

"Invisible" ... And the reality that patients do not have doctors, and that doctors need testing and treatment blueprints. Patients saying over and over again "nobody has any idea what to do with this disease." One of our group suggested that this needs to be required viewing at every medical school in the country.

When I saw "Invisible" it was clear that my Bob is like Rik's Barbara. It really makes a difference coping with the disease to have support in the family. The response from a room of about 500 people in Reno was a lot of laughter and recognition - and then long applause. (Mary Schweitzer)

"We had everything to lose and nothing to gain by taking to our beds."

Perhaps a couple members of a local support group could offer to bring the DVD and answer questions, to show with these stories that we are not lazy people looking for an excuse to lounge on the couch, but "I was a marathoner", "I was a rising political star"; we had everything to lose and nothing to gain by taking to our beds, and let them see that by the end of the session, this woman who looked normal at the start is now ready to curl up and nap on the floor before she can make it back to her car. (Karen M. Campbell, Founder www.CFSFacts.org)

"I want to compliment you on all the work you do for all of us who are so isolated."

Rik, you always just amaze me. You have done so much for the CFIDS etc. community, not just in Vermont but everywhere. Your book and your Pandora winning film, all the work you have done toward informing MDs and on and on. I want to compliment you on all the work you do for all of us who are so isolated. And I also wanted to put myself on the list to be alerted when Invisible is released. I am very anxious to see it and probably donate a copy to my local library and the library I once worked for as well. Again, thank you Rik. (Taffy Todd, passed away on April 28, 2009)

"Superbly made. Great advocacy."

Superbly made. Great advocacy. Not shrill. Quite an accomplishment. (Phil Carlson)